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  • ChristineJuge

    How I got my job.

    Sep 18, 2023

    After college, I decided to look for a job in marketing. So I wrote some applications, but at first I didn't even get a response from the companies. So I asked one of my roommates for advice and he offered to revise my application.... read more

  • selfsuckers

    My oral masturbation

    Aug 22, 2023

    My oral masturbation 21(ː)*5,5⌀ - memorandum - contortion trained from Germany - © Selfsuckers / 2022 / German - ⚤ Here and there reports of flexible men (contortion) who can satisfy themselves orally, this form of masturbation is... read more

  • flokii

    Southern California

    Aug 11, 2023

    I'm seeking a healthy/hygienic female, MILF or couple who desire a BBC to satisfying fulfilment for pleasure associated with deep copulation/fucking. All interested participants contact me if you live anywhere south of Los Angeles, Califronia then... read more

  • Plumbertim502

    Looking for a couple

    Aug 2, 2023

    Looking for a couple to hang with and play with them. Just need some mfm, mmf action. Love to please everyone and pleasure everyone. read more

  • whorenadja

    Nadja fucks with everyone!!

    Aug 1, 2023

    Ich liebe es, an etwas außergewöhnlichen Orten, wie z.B. in Hinterzimmern von Kneipen, Porno-Kinos, Parkplätzen oder Toiletten schamlos benutzt zu werden. Ganz besonders mag ich "Schnellspritzer", die mich -gerade auch in größerer Anzahl-... read more

  • picknick999

    Cuckolded by our lodger

    Jun 9, 2023

    You probably wouldn't think so to look at her. She's not a so-called 'hot wife' or a swinger or anything like that. She's never been a flirt or made a play for men. She doesn't dress provocatively. It was 8 years ago now when my wife had an... read more

  • thegoatslady

    The misconception and wrong social attitudes between men and women

    Mar 9, 2023

    I am a woman that really enjoys sex! (Now I've gotten your attention) lol I like to think that I am adventurous and playful. I've tried most things.  I have a good time of it. Sometimes I just want to go wild but feel somewhat need to hold... read more

  • thegoatslady

    My first DP

    Feb 22, 2023

    So the question I was asked was did I enjoy my first experience with two guys and DP? I am no expert on the subject except for one time after a evening with two strangers. I decided to take them home or they decided to take me home.  Lol... read more

  • TopoChica

    A night at the rodeo, some great sex, and delicious creampie eating

    Jan 22, 2023 where to begin... We had a night out, and went to the big city rodeo - which is a big deal if you live in the South. Now, if you haven't been, you have to understand that all the cowboys and cowgirls get all dressed up for this event. We... read more

  • shycouple38

    Should I be posting myself doing BJ's???

    Dec 28, 2022

    Well I never expected to get to this stage of life and feel sexy and horny looking at myself on line!! What with the pics of decorating the tree and those in my gold outfit I'm thinking Jenny is a bit of a trouble maker for me suggesting all... read more

  • carambawill

    Oh the years have been so so good for sex with me

    Sep 7, 2022

    Hello to all the men who enjoy the videos of my sex life, with the men from the Club. Of course there are many others that have also had the pleasure of sex with me. ! Yes, I've greatly enjoyed having sex with them. Why not ! The Club do  get... read more

  • ChristineJuge

    My birthday

    Aug 18, 2022

    On my birthday I had a big party in our shared flat. At some point I found myself wildly smooching with my crush in my bedroom. We were so horny to each other that we almost tore our clothes off before we ended naked on my bed. Since we... read more

  • Shaprishalynn

    Thursday morning affair

    Apr 21, 2022

    This morning 10 minutes after my husband Joe left for work I called my neighbor Billy to come over and have sex with me. He filled my unprotected pussy full of his sperm and I am not on birth control as he was about to cum I had a orgasm dropping... read more

  • YungSlutHouseWif

    25 year old slut from California looking for sugar daddy

    Mar 19, 2022

    Hey I'm a young white sexy girl from Cali who knows how to please men and loves to be submissive for men I do have a boyfriend he doesn't know I do these blogs I'm looking for an older gentle man or woman at that who wants to build a relationship... read more

  • AdelaPL

    About my Show-off naked

    Mar 18, 2022

    My photographer convinced me that I look better naked than dressed and that I should showing it on internet to others. In clothes I am an ordinary woman in her forties, of average beauty, which are many, and my feminine qualities are hidden from... read more

  • germanheike

    Mature couple from Germany looking for cuckold lust and a real breeding with a big black cock

    Feb 5, 2022

    I’m just a regular white bisexual neighbour and regular mommy from Germany. I’m very mature (50 yo) and married with Rolf since over 25 years! At this place I'm looking at my erotic needs/fantasies while masturbating, why not!  Since two... read more

  • FatHairSubSlut

    Happy New year

    Jan 2, 2022

    Happy New year!  So, I never normally do much for new year but I did have a party with some friends this year and we were only at my place so it wasn't too bad. Anyway, in our minds, it was a great idea to play truth or dare. Now, all my... read more

  • MaybeBaby69

    Single Ladies & Couples

    Dec 4, 2021

    Would love to meet new Couples and Single Ladies to fulfill my Fantasies and have some exciting fun.  Looking for nice real Couples and Single ladies.  Message me and let's chat and share your exp and maybe help me bit around. Sorry no Single... read more

  • acelya

    Big Natural Boobs World

    Dec 3, 2021

    My girl Neha has a big natural juicy boobs. She got a boobs massage at the massage parlaour. Her boobs size is 36DD.big enough to take completely in my mouth. Wow what a delicious moment it was when I'm sucking and pressing her natural melons and... read more

  • carambawill

    So you all ask why not

    Oct 21, 2021

    Oh you men ! The Club and all it's members enjoy the way I’m so free with them for sex. After all it is my body and it’s my choice to then let them fully savor my body. Then of course I do have other men as well, even groups. They have... read more

  • SlutLola

    Hotwife in San Antonio

    Aug 23, 2021

    My wife and I are interested in possibly getting a hotel room soon somewhere in the San Antonio area.   Message us if you're in the south Texas area and would like to play with her.   I (husband) will not be participating but may be around to... read more

  • petite34c

    The adventure continues, A Birthday Treat

    Jul 6, 2021

    To my fans: Here's an event that happened many years ago with my 1st husband. Needless to say things did not work out but we, he did have some fun while it lasted. The story was written by him long ago about another of my adventures. My... read more

  • Wildcurvykitty

    I'm horny Spanish curvy women lilchina69

    Jun 4, 2021

    A very bad girl because when my hubby has to go away for his work, I encourage his friends to come and visit me. Knowing that some of his friends just want to fuck me, I make their fantasies true. I haven'ty told my hubby that I've slept with lots... read more

  • Kezzymumma

    My Georgie

    Oct 3, 2020

    He's remarried now but we used to have fun at work when nobody was looking he'd feel by butt in the early days then got bolder as I encouraged him it turned from his hands to his cock rubbing against my butt which was always hard when he was... read more

  • Roxxyfoxy69

    Been naughty girl and slutty wife, lilroxy

    Sep 25, 2020

    Hi I am a Mexican/Guatemalan hot and sexy wife, I am nymphomaniac and I like to show my body, but now we are introducing to amateur porn world and I feel so excited for that and I will be more excited if you comment my pictures with dirty words,... read more

  • Roxxyfoxy69

    Roxana confession

    Sep 25, 2020

    Being naughty I enjoy sucking cock but not my husbands don't get me wrong i suck my husbands cock when he needs it but when I'm at work i tend to get horny and suck my co-workers cocks with pleasure i've gone an entire week straight sucking 5... read more

  • Wife48

    Wife48 feeling horny

    Sep 22, 2020

    Posted a few pictures before and such a turn on! Love the comments back and all of the views! Just posted some more of me in the shower, wet T-shirt hanging off my hard nipples then me topless on the bed. Hope you can see them soon to enjoy my... read more

  • HotBiCouple

    Period of virus

    Sep 19, 2020

    Unfortunately I can't meet my friends right now and I get excited by exchanging photos, videos and comments in private. I love big cocks especially the black ones that explode with lots of cum and flood me. I am very good at sucking cock and... read more

  • carambawill


    Jun 10, 2020

    The best news we've heard, well an email. Anna is fully back next week !  Yippee ! That gives us time to plan out which one of us will be lucky man to fuck Anna. Perhaps we'll do a lottery, or draw straws, or whatever. Oh will she be fucked and... read more

  • carambawill

    It's lockdown time folks

    Apr 25, 2020

    We're not fucking Anna or any other of our friendly women, can't go breaking the "law". So we've been in touch with some of her 'friends' as we know that there are some videos that we haven't got back. As and when we get them we'll add them here.... read more

  • jplikit

    Love to be seen and exposed

    Mar 27, 2020

    Hey guys, I'm really loving this site.  I love being seen and exposed and wonder if one day someone will recognize me. I love cum, my pussy being eaten, my ass being played with and fucked, and I love my vibrator! Please feel free to send me... read more

  • xxxeccentric

    Was a Hard Working Cuckold

    Feb 10, 2020

    At the time, I just did everything that I could to facilitate my wife's wildest dreams. I remember being the cab driver to take her to her exploits. Sometimes I would pick her up at 4 AM, partially or all nude, and cream filled. Sometimes I... read more

  • petite34c

    How my sexy drive all started

    Feb 7, 2020

    How it all started. In my early 20"s I was having a birthday party for my 1st husband, with 3 other couples he invited from work. We had already started out the night at the house getting stoned on pot and having a few drinks before we moved... read more

  • xxxeccentric

    Vintage Post: My Wife Really Went Pro

    Dec 28, 2019

    Long before the "recent" use of the term cuckold, I was driving my wife to work at parlors, brothels, keggers, outcall services, XXX film making, and even live stage fucks. In all cases, it was my wife who was the extreme fuck meat. I was rarely... read more

  • Maverick67

    Wanting your dirty comments

    Dec 10, 2019

    My wife lives the idea of men and women getting off to her videos. She wants to hear what you think of her body and what you would do to her. She gets wet just thinking about. Feeling a hot cock inside her while she sucks a cock or even getting... read more

  • Bbwslutwife

    My trip to Jamaica

    Dec 8, 2019

    About 11 years ago  my best freind and i took a five day trip to Jamaica without our husband's . I told Caroline i was not taking any underwear or bras and only taking sun dresses she should do the same.  We arrived on Friday back on Tuesday. We... read more

  • Bbwslutwife

    How I became a bbc slut for life

    Nov 24, 2019

    Since my hubby and i got married i had always talked about black men and there big cocks. Playing with black dildos and hubby using big black strap-ons in me i always had fantasies. After about a year of marriage hubby was out of town for work for... read more

  • Cuckold26Alicja

    Real two brunette sisters are looking for big black dick on Gangbang

    Nov 12, 2019

    Her name is Alicja, 26 years old, my sister Patrycja, 29 years old, very pretty.  My husband has a very tiny 3.9ft cock.  I'm looking for handsome black men with big dicks who want to fuck two brunette sisters.  The cuckold will look and later... read more

  • Jenlovescock

    Suffolk Teacher Jenny Loves Big Young Cock

    Oct 25, 2019

    Hi there, my name is Jenny and I’m an attractive, horny and very kinky 39 year old teacher from Suffolk, UK that loves big young cock. I’m 5ft 9 tall with a slim sexy size 8-10 body and nice natural boobs, a great little bum and lovely long... read more

  • carambawill


    Sep 5, 2019

    Hello, this is Anna. The Club here have shown me the mails that ask about me,and I'm flattered indeed. Yes, the sex I have here is obviously appealing to you the members. How did I become the colleges's 'whore', it's quite a story. Three... read more

  • dirtywife98

    The real deal cuckold

    Aug 30, 2019

    So here's the deal ladies and gents!! My hubby wants to organize a 7 man gangbang of my beautiful submissive little self lol. The first condition is all men we accept must come to the cuckold with their wife or gf. No single guys sorry fellas. Hit... read more

  • mellisarascal

    Wife has finally found her a great Bull

    Aug 20, 2019

    We have got a good Bull now we no longer are searching for anyone wife has been with him before and gave him a blowjob and he fucked a couple of times in same visit I knew when it happened and she sent photos to me at work. Glad she will be... read more

  • Welove2fuckk

    Any girls looking make some $$

    Aug 17, 2019

    Looking for girl or girls willing make 2 min custom fetish vids for me  read more

  • tai23

    6 of the best

    Jul 15, 2019

    Laid in bed with my wife been married just a few months we got talking about past sexual partners and things we had got up to. Now we both had a pretty lively time before we got to gether i had even watched my wife have sex with her then... read more

  • irish1cool

    True story of our First unexpected Threesome (Comments from woman requested)

    Jul 7, 2019

    A true story of a totally unexpected request from a previously conservative wife This is a recount of the very unexpected evening with my college roommate and longtime friend of both of ours. This is rather long but very exciting. My... read more

  • lucyp

    GILF wife's diary entry

    Jun 10, 2019

    I got a surprise on Thursday, and not one I was expecting! One my husband’s friends ‘Danny’ came over to borrow one of my ‘cock suck’ videos, he told me that he needed to empty his balls and was going to have a good wank whilst... read more

  • Grandhomme

    Porn after a meal leads to wife fucking a friend

    May 29, 2019

    My wife knows I love to watch her looking at porn and wanking me whilst I watch another man's wife showing her body and fucking. After a meal with a friend one night we watched some porn he'd bought with him. I stroked my wife wife's... read more

  • JamCo4fun

    Wife going black

    May 18, 2019

    My wife and I have been talking about her having sex with other men (Especially black men with long, THICK  cocks). I  want to see her getting her pussy stretched out and filled with multiple loads of cum. She wants to feel a bbc in every hole.... read more

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