Ellie0001United States
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Orientation: Bisexual
Dating status: Single
Body type: Normal
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Red
Hair length: Long
Drinking: Sometimes
Occupation: Artist
Country: United States, Michigan
Sexual activity
Other - Oral Sex - Dominant - Fetish - Group Sex - Gang Bang - Anal Sex - Exhibitionism - Swinger - Orgies - Voyeurism - Bondage - Outdoor Sex - Role Playing
Other - Humorous - Sensual - Naughty - Dependable - Honest - Playful - Soft
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    I like interracial porn especially BBC inseminations as I love it myself and really special 3 inseminations or more. I am a live stage artist and as such I do have a showgirls body. I love BBC and have been addicted to it for years. I am very fun loving and creative and do bring that side of me into my sex life. I believe sluts are for fun and whores are for profit. I'm very fun loving! By necesstity I am very discreet. So no flaunting sex in public but I do dress sexy and to be noticed. I am exhibitionist though and I do give upskirts when in the mood. I am an expert in makeup and disguise so when I do go out with a group of black men I change my looks radically. I am very good at this. As an extrovert/exhibitionist I have a need to do this. I do love women very much too. And have helped many white women to get their first BBC married ones as well, although I'm single. I have nothing against white men and love them but it's black dicks for me.