FemLicker United States
Gender: Male
Age: 53
Dating status: Married
Orientation: Heterosexual
Friends: 2
Subscribers: 1

About me: Hello, I'm an easy going guy who likes to joke around and just have fun. I really, really love licking pussy. I can't get enough. :)~

Interests/Hobbies: Facesitting,sqirting and light BD. I love music,guitar,long drives to the ocean,cigars and Crown Royal.

Looking for: Just looking to have some fun sharing photos with women who like to see this old guy.

Like to: Again, I like to eat pussy. I've had this dream where I was held down by 5 very pretty nude girls. The 5th girl sits on my face and squirts all over my face and in my mouth while sucking my cock. When she's finished, they all rotate until all 5 had their chance. That would be AWESOME!!!

Country: United States | Region: n/a | City: n/a
Body type: Chubby | Eye color: Green | Hair color: Brown | Hair length: Short
Sexual activity: Oral Sex - Fetish - Exhibitionism - Voyeurism
Qualities: Humorous - Romantic - Faithful - Naughty - Dependable - Honest - Playful
Occupation: Other | Smoking: No | Drinking: Socially | Religion: Other | Zodiac: Other
My profile views: 829
tinasteve United Kingdom


Married Female
Age: 35
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fredi82 Germany


Single Female
Age: 33
lisa79 United States


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Age: 36
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IoannaArkoudi Bulgaria


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Age: 29
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analsandy United States


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Age: 54
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mapink Slovak Republic


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sxyoldrwmn United States


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Age: 58
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