Funtime1975United States
Gender: Male
Age: 47
Orientation: Not sure
Dating status: Married
Body type: Normal
Hair length: Long
Country: United States
About me

Mid 40’s couple. He loves watching her with a guy. She does it to satisfy him. He’d have her bareback/creampie a few times a week if he had his way and she’d Probably never do it again if she had her way. She’s had about 30 different guys over our marriage including 3-ways with guys and girls all for him. Most have been multiple times and at least 20 have creampies her! He loves to clean her and have her after. She’s increadibly loose after a bigger cock and most have been bigger!

Looking for

Our dream situation will be here soon when the house is empty and we can have guys over. But if a neighbor could host we’d go all the time!

Sexual activity
Other - Oral Sex - Anal Sex - Exhibitionism - Voyeurism - Role Playing
Affectionate - Humorous - Curious - Dependable - Honest
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