Gender: Male
Age: 52
Orientation: Heterosexual
Dating status: Married
Body type: Slim
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Short
Occupation: Engineer
Religion: Protestant
Country: Netherlands, Noord-Holland
About me

From very young age very interested in sex organs. At age 10 of so, I have had my first orgasm by masturbation and since it I cannot without it! I do it 2-3times a week. I got married and what delightful event in mariage is te be sexual together! Wat a wonderful experience to be one with my own wife, and have a orgasm inside the lovely soft warm and wet woman pussy! As the time is right, we both enjoy it very much! The most challenging aspects of our marriage has been how to overcome different libidos. My level allways been higher than that of my wife. My job in international finance kept me often from my wife and I am masturbating a lot. To keep my sexdrive up a hig level, I many times don't really ejaculate during my masturbation sessions, although some sperm drops will come out when I am very close to the piont of no return. But because the seed of the married man the tonic for his wife's pussy, not to much of his semen should be wasted during masturbation!


Classsic Music, Woodwork

Other - Humorous - Romantic - Faithful - Naive - Honest - Playful - Soft
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