Lisa9200United States
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Orientation: Lesbian
Dating status: In love
Body type: Athletic
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Medium long
Drinking: Sometimes
Occupation: Working
Zodiac: Libra
Country: United States, California
About me

Just being ME and discovering all the new things I didn't know existed. Spreading humor and a little sarcasm. I hope I can make you laugh a lot...maybe even cry with happiness or empathy sometimes. I'm OUT, have a wonderful GF and have an amazing family. I love my work too. I'm athletic and confident about my brain and my body. It took a while to get to this point, but I love it :-) I'm in a relationship with another girl. I like girls. I have men as friends but I like girls...HINT HINT.


There's not a lot of things I won't try at least once. I run, surf, hike, backpack, ride mountain bikes, masturbate, camp, paddle board, watch porn and masturbate, tease my GF, laugh, make crappy jokes, talk some smack, smile and laugh a lot. I read too. I work with math and numbers at work and it can be boring...but the rest of my life isn't!

Looking for

Nice people to talk to and laugh with. Maybe share links for fav porn or things like that. I like to learn about people and their likes and dislikes.

Like to

^^^ Read above in Interests/Hobbies :-) I like to do a lot!

Sexual activity
Other - Oral Sex - Dominant - Fetish - Group Sex - Anal Sex - Sex Toys - Voyeurism - Bondage - Pornography - Outdoor Sex
Other - Affectionate - Humorous - Romantic - Sensual - Curious - Naughty - Dependable - Honest - Playful
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