Gender: Male
Age: 74
Orientation: Not sure
Dating status: Single
Body type: Normal
Country: Australia
About me

Love vaginal creampies, missionary sex, especially close ups, and although I am straight, I love looking at guys cocks, especiaaly thick cocks, and big cock heads. Have not haad a blowjob for 20 years, so also get stiff looking at blowjobs, especiaaly those that focus on the cock head.


Sex mostly. But nature lover too.

Looking for

Sexy women , reasonably slim who are not shy, who love all sex, except anal which i do not do, but i want doggy and blowjobs,.i always reciprocate.

Like to

Fuck a women when i feel like it and as often as i can

Sexual activity
Other - Oral Sex - Group Sex - Exhibitionism - Voyeurism - Pornography - Outdoor Sex
Other - Dominant - Humorous - Faithful - Sensual - Naughty - Dependable - Honest
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