Gender: Male
Age: 58
Orientation: Heterosexual
Dating status: Horny and ready
Body type: Athletic
Eye color: Blue
Hair length: Short
Smoking: Yes
Drinking: Yes
Country: Australia, New South Wales
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Here to expose real amateur wives and girlfriends. I love housewives and "girl next door" types. Please message me if you know any of the women i expose, or if any of them look familiar to you. And please message me if you have more pics, videos or info on any of the women i post. Please rate my videos and pics and feel free to leave comments. The more comments i get, the more homemade sluts i will expose. Does anyone know housewife Vanessa from Australia? (I have posted a video of her). I am trying to get more pics and videos and info on her so please message me if you can help me out.

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Other - Dominant - Group Sex - Spanking - Anal Sex - Orgies - Voyeurism - Pornography - Submissive
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  • Posted by budman10 on

    Please expose my wife!

  • Posted by billyburns on

    You have some great video in your postings looking forward to seeing more.