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About me: Im tall and I play basketball. Enjoy he outdoors and indulging in naughty activities! Always horny and ready to play with interested women ;) Up for pretty much anything, very few limits!

Looking for: A good time!!

Body type: Athletic | Eye color: Other | Hair color: Other | Hair length: Other
Sexual activity: Other - Oral Sex - Dominant - Spanking - Anal Sex - Swinger - Swallowing - Pornography - Outdoor Sex - Submissive - Role Playing
Qualities: Other - Affectionate - Humorous - Faithful - Sensual - Curious - Hard - Naughty - Dependable - Honest
Occupation: College | Smoking: No | Drinking: No | Religion: Other | Zodiac: Other
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I Love The Feeling of Two Cocks Inside Me At Once

I Love The Feeling of Two Cocks Inside Me At Once

Nov 14, 2012
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