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By: meybi
Jun 29, 2015
Time: 34:17
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  • Posted by cal969610 on

    Well, he came over again this past Sunday and true to his word he produced!!! I can't believe how much sperm this guy can shoot...I kept getting him close to blowing his load and he would make me stop before he did and let his cock get soft and then I would get him hard again and suck him some more and he would do the same think again...this went on for quite a while before he cum the first time. It really caused him to build up a huge load!! When I say huge I mean HUGE!!! I tried to count the squirts but lost count at 23 because I had to concentrate on swallowing it all and it took me three times to do so...I am still overwhelmed by it...absolutely the biggest load ever in my life and I have sucked some cocks in my days. 43 black ones, 26 whites ones, 2 Latinos and 1 Native American. 72 cocks!!! But I just added one more black one with this guy and now it is 44 black cocks and 73 total. I'm a very proud cock sucker and I take pride in it and I am a total sperm eater!!! A load of a man's sperm in my tummy gives me a sense of well being and I have savored every drop I have had the pleasure to receive!!! I like pussy too but if you put a big cock and a sexy pussy in front of me and give me a choice then it will be to first suck the cock and then watch him fuck the pussy. Anyway, back to the black guy... before he left he had cum 4 times and I did get to count the squirts of the other three loads. The 2nd one was 16, the 3rd was 14 and the 4th was 12. Like I said I have never experienced a guy like this before. I am so lucky to be fed like this!!! What I counted was a total of 65 squirts but there was more the I didn't count plus what I drained out after each time...it had to be over 4 ounces. That is a lot of cum in one night from one guy!!! I tried to take all of him down my throat but couldn't do it...there was about a half inch of his cock I couldn't take.

  • Posted by cal969610 on

    Well it happened the other night and I'm just letting everyone know that the black guy I met at the Home Depot came over to my place and we got naked and got in my pool after a couple drinks. What a stud he is!!! He was here for about two hours and I sucked him off three times...twice in the pool and once on the couch. I have never been with a guy that could cum three times like that and he shoots such big loads every time!!! And he really gets into being sucked and was calling me baby and when he is fixing to cum he says " here it comes"...I love those three words!!! Talk about getting fed good...he left me with a belly full of his seed. His sperm is really thick and stringy. I know that the average size load is about a quarter of ounce which is around 5 to 6 squirts... I counted his squirts each time he cum by putting my finger under his nut-sac at the base of his cock and put just a slight bit of pressure and I could feel each contraction as he pumped his load in my mouth and the first time there was 17 of them and the second time there was 14 and the third time I was amazed because there was 19...that adds up to 50 squirts of sperm he gave me...I have never in my whole life seen anyone cum like that!!! If you do the math and divide that up by the average size load then we are talking about 2.5 ounces of his sperm. That makes so hot when I think about it!!! I am ready to cum right now writing this so I am gonna watch this chick this big cock in the video and blow my load again. I am supposed to have him over here again next Sunday evening and I can't wait because he said he wasn't gonna cum all week because he knows how much I love cum and said he will cum a lot more if he doesn't get off all week. Plus he said his wife was going out of town and he could come over earlier and stay longer. I'm gonna go buy me some RUSH at the adult bookstore for the occasion because I asked him if he had ever done any before and said yes...I know if he snorts some that he will shoot even bigger loads and I will totally be more relaxed and I want to try and deep throat him and take it all to where my top lip is touching his pubic hair. I have taken 9" all the way before and I think I can take all of him!!! I know I want it!!! I'll post again.

  • Posted by cal969610 on

    Here I am back again watching that bitch sucking that beautiful black cock and wishing it was that was sucking it. I haven't cum in five days but I am working up a good load today watching her suck that cock. I love to play with my nipples and not touch my cock and let it get hard in my shorts and then blow my load and watch the cum soak through my shorts. I will probably shoot a big load today...I am such a black cock freak and they turn me on so much!!! I was at the Home Depot one evening last week and saw this black guy shopping and he had on some very tight jeans and I could see his bulge so plain and his cock had to have been at least 10" on a hard because it was about 8" soft and his balls were big too which I could see as well. It was like he was showing off his stuff...I followed him around just so I could see his bulge as long as I could and I got so turned that I had to go outside to keep from cumming in my pants. My dick was so hard that I thought it was gonna burst. I sat on a bench and waited for it to go down so I could finish shopping. I guess some things are meant to happen because he came out of the store and saw me and I smiled at him and he walked over to where I was and my dick started getting hard again looking at his. He read me like a book as he reached down and squeezed his cock and told me he had notice me looking at it in the store and he came right out and asked me it I wanted some...we went to his car and I sucked him off right there in the parking and it didn't take him long to feed me a whopper of a load. I mean it was a big one and he must have pumped sperm in to me for 15 seconds. As I was sucking him he told me that he loved head and his wife didn't like sucking him. He told me that he would like to get together with me on a regular basis like once a week or so if I was up for that... I got so turned on that I cum in my pants as I was sucking him and I said thank you so much it will be an honor to service you whenever you want it. I am going to get with again tomorrow night at my place...I really want to get this guy naked and get in between his legs and give him the best blow job he has ever had and I want to suck those big balls of his. He has a great looking body and a beautiful 10.5" cock. I am so thrilled to have some steady cock!!!

  • Posted by cal969610 on

    That is one lucky slut ass bitch cunt being able to suck and fuck that beautiful big cock and the cuckold hubby is blessed to see it happen!!! if I was him I would be doing my best to suck it too!!! I would want him to fuck her and then when he is ready to blow his load I would want him to pull out of her and let me eat his sperm!!!

  • Posted by cal969610 on

    I don't think I have ever seen a more beautiful black cock than this one!!! There are many on the web that make me drool but this one is by far the most perfect one ever!!! It is for sure my dream cock and I would probably actually cry tears of joy if it was in front of me and I was on my knees fixing to suck it... I would be so over whelmed at it's beauty that I wouldn't be able to control my emotions!!! It has everything I love about a cock: first it is big; second it is shaped perfectly and has a gorgeous head; third it is uncut; fourth it has a beautiful nut-sac hanging below it with a nice size balls; and last but not least it is black!!! Before I would suck it I would be on my knees worshipping it with tears rolling down my cheeks and begging him to cock whip me with it all over my head and shoulders...I would also want to lay down on the bed and have him touch every inch of my body with both his cock and balls, even the bottom of my feet. I would want to be completely christened with it!!! Then I would want him to lay down and let me get between his legs so I could spend at least two hours admiring, sucking, massaging, playing with his fore skin, watching his nuts get tighter and tighter until they are drawn up inside of him and full of sperm getting ready to feed me!!! Sperm has two things they are meant for: number one is to create life through a woman; number two is to feed a hungry mouth male or female...I just happen to be a male who has swallowed a great deal of it in my life and I truly believe in savoring every drop knowing that once I have a load in my tummy it is absorbed by my body and the protein is sent through out my body for nourishment. It gives me a sense of well being and I love the taste!!!

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