Drill Breeding White Wife Part Two

Watching my wife breeding iwht a black man

By: ipospar | Country: Austria
Added: May 5, 2010 | Time: 09:42 | Votes: 2 | Favorited: 25
footlover1 on Nov 13, 2012
Beautiful, just look at the way the black bull fucked her, nice to see a white women who knows her place and gives her unprotected pussy to the black man. I know he would have seeded her good.

Husband was lucky to witness such a good breeding too, his wife had really beautiful feet. I know if I was the husband, I would have been by her side, worshipping her toes and licking her soles whilst the black bull impregnated her. Delicious.
ray7ed on Nov 8, 2012
fucking hot wonder if she wants to get pregnant by him too
khadijo on Aug 13, 2010
I love this video simply because what the woman is saying while she's getting pouded by this guy that she knows really well. Great stuff. I love it.
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