Just me being used by a stranger in our hotel room

Hubby set this up told me to stand spread eagle head down on the bed and wait. Boy I did enjoy that he shot a huge load in me. Still dont know who the fuck he is but IT was great, thanks luv, enjoy Katie.

katieloveUnited Kingdom
Added: Oct 16, 2013
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  • Posted by Casfun on

    Actually her name is Rachel and its an old video. Shge has a website called rachel reveals.

  • Posted by IanCognito on

    That's just the ultimate fantasy, walking into a hotel room and just finding a nice looking stranger's pussy waiting for you. I love the idea of fucking a complete stranger. I would have spread her legs and licked that delicious pussy for a while first though.

  • Posted by stevedoggs on

    let me know if you'd like another load!!!!