My wife inseminated by her black boyfriend while I watch and film

Filming my whore wife being inseminated and fertilized during interracial sex with a black guy from the local area.

By: cuckoldtube | Country: Cayman Islands
Added: Mar 22, 2013 | Time: 03:20 | Votes: 9 | Favorited: 25
distant69 on Nov 6, 2014
good load...but short fuck
chrisn on May 5, 2014
What a tasty treat. I hope you enjoyed because I know I would have.
ctotwo on May 1, 2013
Love seeing her ring while fucking him...ummmmmm
verythicker on Apr 1, 2013
very sexy sight indeed. I wish i too gt a chance to inseminate :)
hug67 on Mar 29, 2013
oh man, this is soooo fucking hot to watch! and to imagine that you were there to see it all for real - so amazing!
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