Passionate breathless love making and orgasm

Hubby screwing me in the bedroom while we have a porn video on in the background. He feels so good inside making meorgasm several times

By: homemadeporn | Country: United States
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Chaosinmotion73 on Nov 6, 2011
This is my kind of video... as a female not much of what I find on sites like this truly turn me on but this video is exactly what I love to see. The couple show an obvious connection, the guy staring into the camera while he is fucking her OMG... he could do more of that because it give the viewer the impression he's looking into your eyes... the only complaint is her constant "ah's" is distracting... would love to see him fucking her with his hand over her mouth and hope to see more videos by them...
mrnmrsc on Nov 3, 2011
She's hot man love to fuck your wife
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