Pretty and naughty girl swalllows several loads of sperm...


Pretty and naughty girl swalllows several loads of sperm. Really hardcore video but homemade and pretty cool ;)

Mar 5, 2016
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    I'd love be naked with you both on a bed, stroking you hard and exploring her breasts while you kiss her. Can I rub her with your end until it eases in - then watch her eyes as you go deep in and start thrusting? While you're having sex I'll explore, kiss and licking her exciting body. Occasionally I'll slap your bum hard - just as you're about to thrust, and tell you to get it in deeper.... She'll know your bum's stinging as you go hard in - should make her gasp much louder.... While you're having her tell her to wank me and make me squirm to be having her next. I'd love to listen to her moaning as your cock rim rakes inside her?...When you've cum it will be my turn, and God! Do you think a fun spanking will make her ache for more sex? - - She'll be making me so horny..... I'll be thrusting deep and hard into her for a long time; giving her every inch again and again before I just have to pump her full of cum. By the time we're both finished throbbing she'll know she's been fucked!

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    I just want to many loads of cum did she swallow?

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    She'd be alot of fun at a party

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    Doing EXACTLY what she was put on this earth for! Nothing more, nothing less!

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