Ready for 30 to 50 something lady to pleasure in San Francisco country Napa


Single man with no current partner looking for kink loving younger woman in ?s to 50s who has done her life well and now missing that aspect of play she knew or didn't but wants to try to re start or find her partner for passion, experiment, and/or back up lifestyle supporter to enjoy sexual arousal in all its forms. I live in the North Bay of San Fran and have yet to discover a partner who is going to bring her charms and playful self to match mine. I was brought up in a vanilla sex world in my younger years and had a late start in sexual play so now after a loss of my wife a number of years ago to cancer, I am picking up lost time and want to meet a woman who is interested in smart play and has kinks that we both have. (see kink list...all over the board!) I do enjoy photography and video making, though this is just an add on. My deep passion is there to be brought out to the one who will open the door to my animalistic self. I can share and share alike what she wants to try but has not yet. I am also willing to play with couples and respect limits. Definitely heterosexual! Be free to ask questions an open book!

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Feb 11, 2018
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