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Oct 28, 2019
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    If only you were local - I would be very intersted in meeting you both, especially as you have such a hot bottom. However your partner would need to be feeling a bit horny as I'd like him to take his shoes, trousers and undies off and gently stroke his cock as he watches me bend your bare bottom over my legs for a long, slow, and very hard spanking. As I'm rather horny myself, I would want to take my clothes off first, so you can bend your bare bottom over my naked legs while I spank you?

    My cock would be against your thigh and I would love to feel the excitement of warm flesh pressing and rubbing against warm flesh as you squirm with the stings from my hand. With a bit of luck you would feel me having a good erection and know what I'd be wanting. And also, between spanks, if you opened your legs a little, I would be quite happy to keep reaching down to gently stroke your pussy my finger tips, while you watched him gently wanking - if he wanted to?

    I bet you'd love to watch that? After I have finished spanking do you think you think he would let you lie on top of me on the bed, then he could reach down between your stinging cheeks and rub your pussy with then of my cock until it slips inside you. I'd love him to tell you to give me a good, long and very sexy fucking. After a while I'll go on top of you, and if he occasionally gives my bum a good slap - just as I'm about to thrust in - I'll go in really hard with every inch of it, and make you gasp and moan much louder. God!....I'd really give it to you - until I just have to start throbbing and pumping cum.

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    She's a fucken animal in bed. She'd tear you up . She loves being bent over and fucked hard.

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    what a sexy poes....I'd like to fuck her silly!

  • Posted by Itsjustus on

    She has such a sweet tasting pussy. You'd love it.

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    Mmm.......wish I was there to lick her beautiful pussy and drink all her yummy juice!

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