Brina Road Trip Exposing Herself To Truckers On The Road

Brina loves to road trips while her husband drives and show off to truck drivers! Wondering how many cocks she has made hard or if she ever caused an accident lol.

By: HotnHard4U | Country: United States
Added: Jul 4, 2012 | Time: 02:54 | Views: 38319 | Votes: 6 | Favorited: 6
pabloinu on Aug 25, 2013
That was awesome!!!! We've done that numerous times. So much fun to flash truckers while I'm rubbing her clit. She likes wearing dresses with nothing else. Pulls it up high above her waist and pulls her big tits out. We find several to show for a few minutes then pick one to drive next to till she cums pushing her wet pussy high in the air for him to watch.
bj1000006 on Jul 23, 2012
Fantastic - I love it and we will have to try it~!!
oldbuttluvssex on Jul 8, 2012
I wish she had shown the cum pouring out of her. That's what I crave,,,,hot juice from a hot pussy.
pantsoff on Jul 5, 2012
what a beauty
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