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Kurt13047 on Jun 15, 2015
A friend of mine used to come over and my ex wife would purposely tease us with her sexy soles and feet danngling posing crossing her legs wearing flipflops and she would purposely put her feet close to him oneday the short shit I caught rubbing her feet I was mad and all these years He was scare of me but this day when I grabbed . He changed he punched my so many times I fell down several times he kept lifting me up punching me infront of sext wife and she smiled and was very into this to her much suprise I gave up and admitted im afraid of him and I dont stand a chance she asked me am I gonna allow him to touch her feet and do nothing about . With a smile well I tried but I got beaten up again and layed under her feet as she played with him and had him fuck her. Im still afraid when he comes around . Wife just smiles at me being suchh a weak wimp
Ancillawoods on Jul 3, 2013
i want him to fuck me :)
sinemdel on Nov 23, 2012
love black cock)
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