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a little dance then wanking off !!

adrianpottsUnited Kingdom
Sep 11, 2010
Time: 02:23
Votes: 7
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Categories: cock
  • Posted by 007Naughtyboy on

    I like the photo of your nice cock. I'd love be naked with you and a hot sexy woman, all of us just aching for a good fucking. I'll stroke you nice and hard while we explore her breasts and you kiss her; then I'd love to rub her pussy with your end until you ease into her - and watch her eyes as you go all the way deep in and start thrusting.....and thrusting.
    While you’re fucking her I'll keep exploring, kissing and licking her breasts; - and occasionally I'll slap you're bum hard - just as you're about to thrust, and tell you to get it in deeper? She'll know your bum's stinging as you go in hard - should make her really gasp, and could make her orgasm.
    While you're fucking her I'll be longing to get my cock in - I hope she keeps wanking me, making me squirm and aching to get into her next. When you've cum it will be my turn to fuck her, and God! - You can see how big I am, hairless, naughty, and extreamly horny so you can watch her getting every inch again and again for a long time before the intense pleasure of feeling my big rim raking inside her tight pussy will make me just have to orgasm - and pump and pump and pump more cum into her; would you like that?

  • Posted by kokhard on

    Jerk that beast off and squirt all over me

  • Posted by Doug6969 on

    Wow u cum a lot.

  • Posted by 4yourcum on

    Love to wrap my lips around that knob

  • Posted by argustuft on

    the thought of that in my mouth drives me nuts, great load of cum mate..!!

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