Me and my sweet wife in search of friends


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By: Kozex
Dec 18, 2016
Time: 03:10
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  • Posted by ronaldadams15 on

    I'd love to fuck her what a beauty

  • Posted by Fuckfreak on

    We are looking for friends to fuck with and swap with,

  • Posted by gba35 on

    Your wife is hot . Do you ever share her . Yumm

  • Posted by gba35 on

    Your wife is hot . Do you ever share her . Yumm

  • Posted by 007Naughtyboy on

    I like the photo of your nice cock... I'd love be naked with you and your woman on a bed,
    stroking you nice and hard while we explore her breasts and you kiss her; then I'll rub her pussy with your end until you ease into her -
    and watch her eyes as you go deep in and start thrusting........While you’re fucking her
    I'll keep exploring, kissing and licking her breasts; and occasionally
    I'll slap you're bum hard just as you're about to thrust, and tell you to get it in deeper?....
    She'll know your bum's stinging as you go in hard - could make her orgasm.... While you're fucking her
    I'll be longing to get my cock in - I hope she keeps wanking me, making me squirm and aching to get into her next.
    I’ll listen to her moan as the rim on your cock rakes the inside of her pussy?.....and when you've cum it will be my turn to fuck her, and God!...
    I'm big and horny so shell get every inch again and again for a long time before she makes me just have to orgasm... Would you like that?

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