I met this slut online--yahoo chat to be specific.She lives near by,so we made arraignments to meet at a local bar.After a night of drinking this is what happened...maybe she's your slut wife or slut girlfriend? Perhaps she's your slut sister,your slut aunt or your slut daughter?

mrwhooUnited States
By: mrwhoo
Oct 9, 2009
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  • Posted by stevie1056 on

    love the anklet too

  • Posted by onetimeuse on

    I can also see what looks like a wedding ring on her left hand, but cant make it out.. Oh.. another question.. Did she know you where filming? Damm even as I write this the fantasy of it being her is so hot.. If it actually was, what I would pay for a full version of that.

  • Posted by onetimeuse on

    Oh, ya.. whats really weird is my full initials are M.R.W. Its like your saying that shes my hoo.. Too cool.

  • Posted by onetimeuse on

    Im there with Marriedman, that slut looks like my exwife. That scare on her right calf looks familur. While we where separated she fucked a few men. Every time I jerk off to this video Im so convinced its her. Do you have any more of this video or a different angle? You anywhere near SF bay area when you fucked her?

  • Posted by marriedman71 on

    i honestly think they may be my wife!!!! where you from Just state for now, not city. PLEASE tell!! That is soooo fucking hot thinking it may be her!!!

  • Posted by dutchiexxx on

    Nice fuck (and her asshole looks also inviting...)

  • Posted by assphyxiated on

    Looks like she wants it in her ass to me!!

  • Posted by wecruz on

    truth is its his own sister

  • Posted by jimmyppi on

    u must be pretty cool is you have to getem drunk first. slut daughter, you must not have kids dumba$$

  • Posted by bklynman on

    Maybe she's your mother, mrwhoo.