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Age: 93
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Dating status: Single
Body type: Normal
Country: Australia
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  • Posted by Ilovesnoopy

    I see some certain person has block me what don't like hearing the truth you can't block me here so suck shit .

  • Posted by jbradone

    I hope it works, can't wait for you seeing me masturbate to you looking at me and cumming all over the place.

  • Posted by jbradone

    how about next time you do me a tribute video, would love to see you stroke off for me and cumming on my face.

  • Posted by Ilovesnoopy

    To anyone who can be bothered if you people have time to take photos you have time to reply pretty simple really.

  • Posted by Ilovesnoopy

    I can't get on it and frankly I don't want to . Nothing has changed you're just as bad Cherie I ask for one private message ONE and you can't be bothered. I'm wasting my fucking time on here.

  • Posted by leedslass

    Come join me on MeWe! It's the only social network built on trust, control and

  • Posted by Ilovesnoopy

    I wonder why half of you are on here in the first place put photos up people give comments and you can't reply. Same with friends request it's all very well to accept the request but pointless if you don't reply to messages.Why bother who's going to read this.

  • Posted by Ilovesnoopy

    Just a little rant I always reply to messages I get so when I send a message . it's common courtesy to reply. So from now on I'm not chasing or commenting on anything till I get some replies.

  • Posted by Fotina

    Yes you may mate❤️

  • Posted by sanica45

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  • Posted by sallynaughty

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