WhitepantyboyUnited States
Gender: Male
Age: 39
Orientation: Bisexual
Dating status: Married
Body type: Normal
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Short
Drinking: Sometimes
Occupation: Pornstar
Religion: Christian
Zodiac: Scorpio
Country: United States, California
About me

First off, I would love to have honest comments about my tiny little penis size from all females and feel free to give me your honest opinion and nothing hurts my feelings, I love being made fun of and laughed at by girls I'm a bisexual white married male 38 and I have a very very tiny little pathetic 1 1/2 inch white clitoris between my legs which is why I only wear women's sexy panties and lingerie,, I'm a total exhibitionist and love showing off my sexy lingerie outfits and my tiny little pathetic white clit , I especially love the reactions i get from girls and they always laugh,, and majority of the time make fun of my puny and abnormally small size,, but I love it, the being made fun of ,, it turns me on sooo much and I'm very proud of my puny little size , and I'm sooo happy with being the tiniest that most have ever seen before,, im looking for open minded females and big dick white and black men, but especially those big beautiful huge superior black cocks,, I'm sooo obsessed with them,, and eating black mans sperm,,, so if you would like to chat let me know


Crossdressing, shopping for sexy lingerie,, exhibitionism, showing off my lingerie outfits and my tiny little pathetic white babypenis to as many people as possible,, and I love fucking my sissy white ass with my huge black dildo and I'm one of those who talks sooo fuckn dirty during sex especially when I'm getting buttfucked good and deep for a long time I just go wild,,, saying every dirty thing I can think of and how much I love gay sex

Looking for

I'm looking for females that would let me model all my sexy lingerie outfits for her and maybe her friends too,, and I would love to hear all the honest reactions to my ridiculously tiny white babypenis,, and I want to be dominated by a female or more,, then I'm dying for a huge hung black stud to make me his little white sex slave, I prefer those big dicks im such a size queen and I don't even have any size,, and I have the most serious case of penis envy,, I always wished more than anything for my dick to grow really really big,, but the exact opposite happened,, and it took me a long time to get to where im at now and I'm sooo proud of my incredibly tiny pathetic size and I'm sooo happy that I own the tiniest little white babypenis that most have ever seen before,,

Like to

I love to model my sexy lingerie outfits for men and women,, I love to wear lingerie in public places where I'll get caught,, I love worshiping huge superior black dicks,,,

Sexual activity
Other - Oral Sex - Dominant - Fetish - Group Sex - Anal Sex - Exhibitionism - SM - Swinger - Telephone Sex - Swallowing - Orgies - Sex Toys - Voyeurism - Bondage - Pornography - Outdoor Sex - Submissive - Role Playing - Tattoos
Other - Affectionate - Humorous - Faithful - Sensual - Curious - Naughty - Honest - Playful
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