carolineUnited States
Gender: Female
Age: 48
Orientation: Heterosexual
Dating status: Fooling around
Body type: Slim
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blond
Hair length: Long
Drinking: Socially
Occupation: Working
Religion: No answer
Zodiac: Aquarius
Country: United States, California
About me

I'm attractive, married, and have nice tits and a sexy ass. I love flirting and fooling around with black men. When I'm not around my husband I like to make eye contact and see if I can develop an affair with black guys. I am very turned on by that and I love cheating on my husband by myself with black men. It's just the way I am and wouldn't change it. I love any big dark black cock. I'm very addicted to sucking them to completion and love to swallow any black man's cum. I'm 5'6", blonde, blue eyes, pretty and open to fetish sex too. I love being restrained by a group of dominant black bulls and let them fuck me in the ass, throat and my pussy bareback. I'm into being missionary gangbanged by any number of dominant dark black bulls interested in fucking an attractive, married white trophy wife with a nice body. I love fucking as much as you do. I've always considered myself to be a true black cock whore ever since college after I was gangbanged several times by black men at a party. I loved it. After that, I went black and have been into black sex. I like to meet dark muscular men in hotels/motels. I really love being filled with multiple creampies in both my pussy and especially my asshole. I think it's sexy for black men to fuck white girls. I like them to use and abuse me sexually because it's a turn on. I've always been very attracted to dark black men with big dicks that are heavy cummers especially because I love taking a lot of black sperm in my mouth. I love facials and liked to be face fucked like a whore by sexy dark skinned black groups of guys. Rough sex has always made me horny and I do like to be disciplined by black men by having them slap my face during sex. I love it when I suck a nice thick dick and the guy slaps my face before he fucks my throat. As a married white blonde it really does turn me on to be in bed with a black man. It's the best sex and hottest cock.


I love sucking the really big thick black cocks the most. Not interested in white cock much. Cocks anywhere from 9"-13" are a huge turn on for me. I always swallow any amount of cum from one or more guys willing to give it all to me. What I really love is to be held from behind by my hips and fucked hardcore in the ass repeatedly by a group of horny dominant black bulls. I love it up the ass by black men. And I'm very interested in being double penetrated in my cunt and ass too. My mouth and ass is nice also. I love bareback sex with more than one bull and receiving warm creampies in me from everyone in the room non-stop. That's so nice. I love how it feels to receive lots of warm black cum inside me. And, I love sex with black men more than with my husband who is white. We've been married for four years, but I secretly haven't stopped fucking black men. I keep it from him because I can't stop. I love it too much. I have fucked guys alone without his knowledge for 5 years now because that's the kind of thing that really turns me on far more. The sex is so intense for me when I'm secretly cheating with a black man. He doesn't know I fuck black guys or that I've ever been with black men sexually. That's part of the turn on for me. My family would be shocked to find out that I've been a black cock whore for a very long time. I can't stop now. I love kissing a black man very sexually with him touching my body all over. When I'm naked with a group of men I turn into a total slut because I love black sex. I especially love doggie anal sex and feeling a huge thick black dick in my asshole giving it to me good and hardcore. I'll do it all with black men. I also like my black lovers to be able to cum really heavy all over my face and tits sometimes and love my mouth fucked also. Two black dicks in me at the same time cumming is hot - one in my pussy and one in my ass is something I crave as a white woman.

Looking for

Any very dark skinned black men, dominant, wants to talk dirty to me while he's fucking me. I love to be called a whore or black cock whore. He can grab me by the hair and slap my face and face fuck me. Or several men I'm with can do it to me one at a time. Looks are not important, cock size is nice as mentioned above. Overweight, stocky, skinny unattractive black men are okay to have sex with me as long as you have a nice thick cock and love feeling up an attractive white married woman who is always horny for black cock and wants to be used like a personal whore. That's what I love doing.

Like to

I love to watch interracial porn and fetish porn that involves watersports.

Sexual activity
Other - Oral Sex - Fetish - Group Sex - Gang Bang - Anal Sex - Exhibitionism - Swinger - Swallowing - Orgies - Sex Toys - Bondage - Pornography - Outdoor Sex - Submissive
Sensual - Naughty - Playful - Soft
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    Hey id love to play with you if we ever get the chance. Lets chat.