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Jan 27, 2010
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    The best sexual pleasure I ever had was watching my ex-wife who was 5'3" 108 pounds turn into a total slut the first time she got fucked by a black guy with 10 inches. She was totally out of it and got off so many times I lost count. Watching his black ass grinding between her spread legs and hearing her moaning and gasping for air is something I will never forget...I remember after he left her telling me that she had never been fucked like that before...she was sucking my cock the next night and I was telling her how much I liked watching her fuck him and that I wanted to call him right then and ask him to come over. But I wanted to suck him off first then watch him fuck her...he agreed and came over and she watched me sick him and get his load and then fucked for a couple hours. Miss those nights.

  • Posted by cal969610 on

    Not only does he have a big cock but his balls are big too and his nut-sac is a hand full...I would give anything to drain him dry and have his sperm swimming around in my belly!!! What a treat that would be!!! I know because I've sucked 43 black cocks in my life and some big just like his...makes me so hungry!!!

  • Posted by cal969610 on

    I love this chick and have seen her in several videos and it is always with a black guy with a really big cock!!! This guy here is really hung big to say the least...I'm saying he has at least 10 or11 inches and it is thick too!!! I love the way she sucks a cock and usually eats the cum but she doesn't in this one. I envy her being able to suck all those big black cocks and swallow all that sperm and I'm sure her husband enjoys watching her. My favorite video is the one where she is on what looks like a roll away bed and at the end he pulls his huge cock out of her and lets her eat his load and he blows a really huge load of thick cum. I would LOVE to have a load like that right now to swallow!!!I'm a proud cock sucker and a white boy who loves them big black ones. Nothing more beautiful to me than a big black uncut 10 inch cock that is oozing pre-cum with his balls so tight they are up inside of him filled with sperm ready to feed a wanting mouth!!!

  • Posted by rks306 on

    beautiful lady, hot fuck

  • Posted by Happysucker951 on

    NO white guy has ever fucked a woman like that! I know I have never fucked MY wife like that. I need a black man to do it!

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